(re) Introducing The Wine DTC Vendor Matrix

It’s that time of year again and in conjunction with the SVB Annual Report I’m releasing the updated landscape of DTC vendors. So first, it got a whole new name thanks to the marketing & design help from Erica Gomez. This new format gives us a lot of room to grow and helps us cluster companies towards their specialties.

Some notes about the Matrix:

  1. We only include live vendors that have actual customers.

Next year this chart will be updated at www.dtcmatrix.com where the team plan’s to add objective context about the vendors and tools for actual customers to rate them.

Regarding the very busy and clustered category of DTC software vendors (commerce), a group of major wineries or a winery association like Napa Valley Vintners should meet, agree on the three key features they need for the year, and consolidate their business to one or two vendors with the understanding that if they have poor service, don’t build those features, and don’t work, they will move to another solution. This collective bargaining will bring them more innovation versus balkanizing their dollars across so many small vendors.

Complete Listing Of DTC Vendors


  1. AMS

On Premise (POS)

  1. Revel

Ecom & Club

  1. VineSpring

Full Stack DTC Solutions (Ecom-Club-POS)

  1. AMS


  1. Shipcompliant


  1. WineDirect

Specialty Fulfillment

  1. Premium Wine Delivery

Email Service Providers

  1. Constant Contact

Social Media Management

  1. HootSuite

Reservation Systems

  1. Tock

DTC Full Service Agencies

  1. Wine Glass Marketing

DTC Specialty Agencies

Digital Marketing

  1. Cork and Fork

DTC Strategy

  1. Vingdirect

DTC Coaching

  1. Napa Valley Wine Academy

Website Design and Tools

  1. Wine Works

Full Stack Marketing Agencies that do DTC

  1. R/West.com

Business Intelligence

  1. Emetry

*Disclosure — I know and have worked with almost everyone on this list and will probably do so at Emetry and in the future. Many of them are friends and/or colleagues.

Wine Revolutionary. Digital, CRM, CX, Start-ups, Social Media, Hospitality (especially wine) are my jam.

Wine Revolutionary. Digital, CRM, CX, Start-ups, Social Media, Hospitality (especially wine) are my jam.