2021 DTC Vendor Flywheel

Source — Silicon Valley Bank
Source — Silicon Valley Bank
Source — Tyler Sloat — CFO — Zoura
Source — JB Wood — CEO— TSIA
Source — Carlos Oliveira — Morphis Tech — https://www.morphis-insights.com/technical-debt/
DTC Wine Packaging
  • Yet there’s no question that SVB’s annual report is the keystone of the industry. Every year, they work tirelessly to identify the key macro trends that influence our industry for the year to come. If you are a winery, please, please take the time to fill out their survey. They also are redesigning the DTC version of the report for 2021 and I look forward to the transformation.
  • For years the Shipcompliant report has illuminated the compliance landscape and some macro shipping trends.
  • Last year Wine Glass Marketing shared the macro results of email marketing for their clients. If you want to understand email behavior, read it.
  • Jason Haas has always been a great leader, sharing insights into the successes and challenges of his business. This year he shared a helpful guide for wineries trying to establish their DTC go-to market strategy.
  • There are now 116 total DTC vendors
  • We added 3 new categories — DTC packaging, SMS, and Customer Acquisition Platform
  • There are now 19 vendors in the Full Stack DTC (same as last year b/c Figure moved from E-commerce/Club to full stack and Truvi sold to Commerce7)
  • But overall, there were very few changes in the flywheel in 2020




Wine Revolutionary. Digital, CRM, CX, Start-ups, Social Media, Hospitality (especially wine) are my jam.

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Paul Mabray

Paul Mabray

Wine Revolutionary. Digital, CRM, CX, Start-ups, Social Media, Hospitality (especially wine) are my jam.

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