The Secret Wine Industry Impediment — Resources

  • The consultant who gives DTC advice, but has never actually worked in that discipline (inside or outside the industry) in their entire career.
  • The winery CEO hired because they have been a master sommelier but never a student in sales or marketing (AKA, they may know wine, but they don’t have any executive or sales experience).
  • The petulant winery owner who’s the heir to the winery kingdom but has never worked in the winery a day in their life.
  • The MBA who just finished interning at a CPG company and happened upon the role of being a marketing director in the wine industry.
  • The owner’s children who are taking over the social media and online marketing because they’re “millennials” and they “know how to work with the social platforms.” (Oftentimes this happens without the hire having any real experience in this realm).
  • The winery owner’s wife/husband who insists she’s/he’s a marketing genius (maybe even has a degree in marketing) but has never worked a full marketing day in her life.
  • The winery GM who has a legacy of self-dealing, bad management, a limp handshake, and a general lack of ethics — — but still somehow manages to convince small wineries he can help them succeed.
  • The brand manager who now runs DTC but has no idea how a tasting room, wine club, or e-commerce effort operates.
  • The consultant who, at any moment, can share their public relations card, their marketing card, or their strategic sales card . For some reason, we don’t seem to care if they are the jack of all trades and master of none, because wow, they’re so nice and personable, right?
  • The vendor who has never fulfilled their promises but keeps customers because they live in the valley and just so happen to golf with tons of winery owners.
  • The bully winemaker who makes business decisions despite only having skills in winemaking, not in the rest of the winery’s operations.
  • The winery CEO who grew up in a small, high-end, family-owned, allocated, vanity winery working as a tasting room server, then gradually moving up to become the manager, then director of marketing, then VP of sales, then CEO. They have no experience outside of that specific winery but explain their innovative customer approach (AKA a lucky score) as if it was their genius strategy that made the winery successful.



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Paul Mabray

Paul Mabray

Wine Revolutionary. Digital, CRM, CX, Start-ups, Social Media, Hospitality (especially wine) are my jam.