Wine Industry DTC Vendor Prism

  1. Being listed ISN’T an endorsement. If you feel you have been categorized incorrectly or you want to be added to the list. Please do so in the comments or email me directly. *UPDATE* I’ve had LOTS of requests for additions and we are updating the infographic the week of January 21, 2018. So many are not directly industry vendors so I’ve added the requirement that you need to have at least ten active paying customers in the last twelve months to be considered if your focus is not primarily wine.
  2. We tried to list the value chain all the way from accounting and then follow it through the journey of a transaction and consumer touch points. The arc also mostly moves from software to services.
  3. If you collapse POS plus Ecom/Club plus Full Stack Solutions you see the highest density of vendors (24+ since I’ve appended the list after publishing). This is problematic since there are not enough customers to fuel the R&D required of these companies to innovate and keep pace with the changing pace of the internet and retail solutions. In this category I am most excited about the launch of Commerce7.
  4. Aside from two vendors, the Accounting and POS categories are mostly non wine focused. This is a weak playing field for the complicated multi-channel retail like wineries
  5. For the most part, other categories in the stack don’t have many vendors. This is mostly due to market size and, on occasion, some solutions from other industries can be easily applied to wine (e.g. email service providers like Mailchimp) and are economical to for wineries to purchase.
  6. I need to include telemarketing companies in next years version (an accidental omission).
  7. Like Balzac Marketing, Benson Marketing and R/West are full service marketing agencies that also do DTC marketing. I was unable to get logos for them in time for the infographic. Tin Sheets also does DTC marketing & operations but was accidentally left off this infographic (deepest apologies). In my humble opinion they are incredibly talented (hopefully this little plug makes up for the accidental exclusion).
  8. The service side of the industry is particularly lean. It is wonderful to see specialty agencies like EchoDTC, LittleArrows, and VingDirect since they provide deep expertise in their respective categories. These categories are the exact growth areas that wineries need to leverage and invest more to increase sales to consumers at home. PS — For a good laugh I highly recommend you check out EchoDTC’s tool page —

DTC Vendor Prism *Updated as of Jan 24, 2018*

*This new version addresses every omission except telemarketers which will be added in 2019.*

  1. AMS
  2. Quickbooks
  3. Navision (ERP)
  4. JD Edwards (ERP)
  5. WIMS (ERP)
  1. Revel
  2. Square
  3. Quickbooks
  4. RMS
  5. Microworks
  1. Clubzz
  1. VineSpring
  2. Commerce7
  3. Nexternal
  4. Cultivate Systems
  5. Figure Commerce
  1. AMS
  2. WineDirect
  3. VinSuite
  4. Simply CMS
  5. Orderport
  6. eCellars
  7. bLoyal
  8. Captina
  9. GrapeGears
  10. Active Club Solutions
  11. VinNow
  12. Blackboxx
  13. Cru
  14. VinNow
  15. Xudle
  16. Orion
  17. Bloom
  1. Shipcompliant
  2. DH Compliance Services
  3. Compli
  4. Holtzclaw Compliance
  1. WineDirect
  2. Copper Peak
  3. Wine Shipping
  4. Pack N Ship
  5. VinGo
  6. WineCo
  1. Premium Wine Delivery
  2. VinDelivery
  1. Constant Contact
  2. Vertical Response
  3. MailChimp
  4. Campaign Monitor
  5. Emma
  1. AveroBuzz
  2. HootSuite
  3. Brand24
  1. Tock
  2. CellarPass
  3. Vinovisit
  1. Wine Glass Marketing
  2. DTC Wine Workshops
  1. EchoDTC
  2. Cork and Fork
  2. AngelSmith
  1. Vingdirect
  1. R/
  2. Benson Marketing
  3. Balzac Marketing
  4. Tin Sheets
  5. Colangelo PR
  1. Emetry
  2. Enolytics
  3. Customer Vineyard



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