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  1. Using big data featuring* and Enolytics. I find this one of the most fascinating new areas for wineries since we are so obfuscated from knowing consumer insights due to the three-tier system. I am VERY passionate about the possibilities for our industry to finally participate in deep data driven decisions.
  2. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) — digital tools used to help catalyze e-commerce sales from the fear of missing out.
  3. Retargeting — all those ads that follow you around, yeah, wineries are FINALLY starting to use them.
  4. Social CRM/Customer 360 degree view — While this is going to be big, wineries still haven’t found the right systems or leaders to fully capitalize on the opportunity. But when we emerge the possibilities for customer understanding, micro-segmentation and more will open up the DTC world to unbelievable opportunities and customer satisfaction. Sadly that will only happen when wineries realize that CRM is not a tool, it is a culture.
  5. VR/AR — 19 Crimes really did a great job showing the wine industry is could be better. One of the first really innovative digital campaigns from a winery in years.
  1. LibDib — I am a HUGE fan of LibDib. As the first boot on the ground to help build DTT (Direct to Trade) I know how important and how hard it is to create a new marketplace that allows wineries the much needed market access. LibDib is doing that in two states and for International wineries, this is nothing short of amazing. The big question will be how brands create sales and marketing tools to help retailers/restauranteurs find them on LibDib and/or will there be a new industry of feet on the street that will help brands using this model.
  2. BevMedia and SevenFiftyGroup— These both are key methods to help wholesalers get your story to retailers and restauranteurs. This is one of those rare instances where I think the incumbent might have the advantage. I didn’t dig too deep into these two platforms because they had just been covered in Steve’s presentation.
  1. (and, etc, etc, etc) — these are great sites not only as sales channels, but as marketing venues. This is something that the smartest wineries need to understand. Big ONLINE retailers have more value than just inventory depletion. As the great guys from
  2. WTSO ( — Flash sales sites are great vehicles to move lazy inventory but equally to get your wine into people’s mouths. The concept that they degrade brand integrity is an absurdity and the wine I use as an example is 1 of 1000’s per year that prove that point.
  3. Fakers not Makers — Again, I reiterated this topic because it is something that continues to press at the integrity of our industry. Again, something for tomorrow’s post.
  4. Vivino — Their marketplace is very new and in a very short time they have moved into the top 10 of digital wine sales. It will be interesting to continue to watch them evolve.
  5. Delectable — WholeFoods365 has done an interesting experiment with them adding them into the 365 stores as a kiosk to help with wine selections. More retailers should emulate doing this with them or other platforms.
  1. New Media Sites — I really featured sites like VinePair, Eater, Punch as the new place where consumers get their wine content. These new digital first zines are really putting out great content but almost more importantly, they are leveraging digital distribution to spread their message long and far.
  2. Don’t Discount the Bloggers — While we have had a decline in the total number of bloggers, the cream has risen to the top and provide valuable recommendations and stories to wine consumers. Shout out to both Alder Yarrow & Hawk Wakawaka in my speech.
  3. The Crowd but Especially Vivino — The crowd has become the new critic (although I prefer a blend or crowd/critic ratings like Rotten Tomatoes) but Vivino is TRULY changing consumer behavior AT THE POINT OF PURCHASE. I really pointed this out in my Opus One example



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Paul Mabray

Paul Mabray

Wine Revolutionary. Digital, CRM, CX, Start-ups, Social Media, Hospitality (especially wine) are my jam.